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Hi ssyun01,

That sounds like a fun event - but Rancho Santa Fe is pretty far from PB.   Of course, you are more than welcome to organize an event there for this group - or invite us to an existing one, but i assume that means you are inviting this group specifically and not just promoting the event in general.   In any event, this is a separate topic so should be made into a unique thread so it can be discussed, and we are also requesting you set your screen name here to be your real name, or at least your real first name.  Google groups can be a little daunting to new users but bear with us - I am working on consolidating some material that should make it easier. 

best wishes


On Tuesday, September 4, 2018 at 10:04:57 AM UTC-7, ssyun01 wrote:
Oh fantastic Marie! Thank you so much! 

We have our annual Luau for Na Koa Kai canoe club coming up next Saturday the 15th, 6-9pm at Morgan’s Run country club. It’s such a fun night and I thought of this group when it was created. 
2 pricing tiers: $45, general seating or you can buy a whole table for 10 out. 

Drinks, food, entertainment included. 

You can find the canoe club practicing on our bay every Saturday, usually doing loops around the island. 

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