Re: Welcome to the new PB40 Platform #moderation


Thank you Rob, I am looking forward to bike ride with you guys again:)

On Mon, Apr 8, 2019 at 2:08 PM Rob Gordon <rob@...> wrote:
Hi Everyone - welcome to the new PB40 platform.  I didn't expect this transfer to be completed until later this week so this caught me a little unprepared.  I had planned to write up a welcoming letter and as well as our guidelines and organizing principles, but those are essentially the same as they were on the Google Group - "be welcoming" to new members, avoid divisive community issues, that kind of thing so it is no big deal if that waits a day or two.  I have a few events I want to plan - a bike ride this weekend and maybe a happy hour or pool night the week after, plus I have a few other things I would like you to know about.  Today is super busy for me though so in the meantime feel free to poke around and if you have any ideas for fun things you would like to do by all means feel free to post. 


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