Re: Welcome to the new PB40 Platform #moderation

David cCausson

the week after would be better for me, friend is getting surgery the week of the 19th,so 25th or 26th? ok? and the fox sound's great!
should be fun.

thank's Rob
David C

On Tue, Apr 9, 2019 at 10:14 PM Rob Gordon <rob@...> wrote:

Hi David - that sounds great - you got me hooked on pool.  

What do you think about combining pool night and a happy hour?   I think we kicked that around at the last pool night.  I was thinking of another happy hour at Silver Fox, and meet in back where the pool tables are.  The last time we met there was lots of fun.  I was thinking a week from Friday on the 19th?  You could do one earlier if you want.  These should be a little easier to organize with the "pool sharks and wannabes" set aside as a separate list.   Thanks again for organizing those - I have really enjoyed them. 


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