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Hi Val - me too!  I was up till 3:30 am and almost certainly would have baled had I not been the organizer - I guess we are both night birds.  I participated in a "hackathon" downtown for social good projects and had a 9 am deadline - I am getting too old for that kind of stuff :-(
That being said, it was an enjoyable ride - met a nice neighbor Trudy who took us on a side route through Campland.  They apparently have free outdoor concerts that look like fun that I need to remember to check out.   
Everyone was low energy today though and we just did the "halfway around the bay ride" and came back by Ingraham bridge.   Peter tells me it was 8 miles though - not bad, and we had some interesting conversations as we always do.   I can' do it next Sunday but absolutely want to do more of these - including on weekdays - and of course, people are free to plan or propose their own rides.   Thanks again for your continued support.  I am going back to bed now :-)
p.s. Technically this post should have gone out on the "bike" subgroup but I screwed that up - Jay mentioned it and that might have confused other people as well.  The system is still not configured completely but I do think it will work and appreciate everyone's patience. 

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Hi Rob,
Sorry I missed the bike ride today, I went to bed at 4am! I didn’t have the energy to join you guys this morning. 😞

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