PB Bookworms Meeting tonight - check this out! #books


Hi everyone - quick reminder that the new "PB Bookworms Club" will be meeting at 7 PM tonight at Cafe Europa, 873 Turquoise St., North Pacific Beach, CA 92109 - hope some of you can make it.

I have already sent a reminder though so this message is really just to tell you about this great deal I just found on their website that I didn't know existed. Just for signing up for their mailing list - which I don't mind being on anyway - they send you a $20 discount code. Here is the link: https://theturquoise.com/join-rewards-member/

That applies to beer, wine, cocktails, soft drinks - plus a great bar menu. Here is the menu and the page where you can order online from your smart phone: https://theturquoise.com/food/

That means, unless I am reading something wrong, that you could get away without spending any money at all tonight - depending on what you order of course. No excuses now - try to make it if you can. I will be there a bit before 7 pm to try to claim a good place on the patio - like these cushy couches shown in this picture I snapped at the happy hour we organized there last Summer.


Europa 3.jpg

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