Re: THIS SUNDAY: Another Free "Concert on the Green" at Kate Sessions Park


Well dagnabbit Deb - sorry you can't make it - that was fun last time.  

I think we have two people so far for Sunday so that is a start.  It turns out my friend from Ocean Beach who I was going to visit instead was actually there at the concert.  He mentioned something I noticed as well - that the crowd was fairly sparse.  I thought maybe a few hundred people at most.  It was still fun but when I went a few years ago it was packed and the turnout would likely have been bigger in most other San Diego neighborhoods.  Not sure why that would be - maybe Kate Sessions is just hard to get to?  The band playing this Sunday has a big following so there should be a bigger crowd and even if people don't come though this invitation I hope people will support events like this.  This one is put on by the Pacific Beach Town Council and we want them to keep doing it :-)

Hope everyone's weekend is off to a good start.

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