Re: Date wrong?


Hi Dave, I didn't look at your attachment but it appears you have set your delivery to be a daily "archive" - one message that compiles all the messages for that day,  I sent my first message about this out on Tuesday evening, and then a last-minute one a few hours before the event, so you probably never saw that one until the archive was compiled at midnight.   

We had a nice time - because of the short notice just a few showed up from that message, but a number of the Silver Fox regulars seemed to know about us and a few even seemed to have been inspired to go that night after seeing one of our posts.   TIt was fun mixing it up with the different groups over the course of the night so I stayed later than I had planned - also drank a bit more than I had planned but fortunately my hangover seems to be dissipating. 

We will plan more of these - maybe check out some other bars in PB or MB.  Probably 6 pm was too early so will probably do one later next time.   Feel free to use this list to plan or suggest your own events also.   Gatherings like this don't need to be huge to be successful - getting a few friends out and meeting some new folks scores as a win to me.   Hope to catch you at the next one. 

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