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Hi Ben - welcome to San Diego,

Feel free to use this list to plan or propose any social activities - even small ones. Messages you post here go directly to about 140 of your neighbors without being filtered by any social network and has been gaining a few new members every week. We have divided this into seven "subgroups" that I have pasted below. The only ones that I have been organizing events for and the only ones currently active are the "PB40 Bike Club" and "Pool Sharks and Wannabes" - plus I am going to try to get the "PB Bookworms Club" going again - we had a meeting this summer but almost everyone bailed at the last minute and only one other person showed.

Any member can join any of these groups, and messages posted there will "pass through" to the main PB40 list unless they are blocked by a member not interested in that activity. So for example, someone who doesn't drink may not want to see messages from the "I'll Drink to That" group can easily block that topic without affecting their participation in other groups. That means that people can feel comfortable posting here because no one should be getting unwanted messages - it is under their control.

I see that you are the only one other than me who has joined the "foodies" group even though I am sure there are others here with an interest in "Food, Cooking and Dining" - who isn't? - so feel free to use that list to to post ideas, suggestions, requests for recommendations - anything about food in this neighborhood.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend.


I'll drink to that!
This group is for people who enjoy having a drink or two with friends, and who like PB's many fine bars and taverns. It is for planning happy hours and other events where the drinks are front and center, as well as nights, where you would like to go out for drinks, and would like someone to join you. To post to this group simply send a message to:

The PB40 Bike Club
This group is for all things bicycle: planned rides, ideas for rides and questions about bike riding in the area of any kind: road trips, trail riding or beach cruising.
To use this group simply send and email message to

PB Food, Cooking & Dining Connoisseurs
This group is for foodies! Those who enjoy fine dining, as well as those who appreciate a good hamburger or fish tacos from time to time. Feel free to post your thoughts on local restaurants, your favorite recipes, potluck dinner plans or cooking and dining partners. To post to this group simply send a message to

Pool Sharks and Wannabes
This group is for anyone who likes to play pool and can be used to organize more "pool nights" like the ones we have had at Society PB. All skill levels welcome and this can be for games in local taverns or in pool halls. To post to this group simply send a message to

The PB Bookworm Club
This group is for people who love books! We have had a huge amount of interest in this and want to make sure we organize it in a way that is truely inclusive. This can be used for book recommendations, talking about books you are reading and forming "book clubs" - large or small, where you agree to read a certain book before a certain date. To post to this group simply send a message to

PB Health & Fitness Buffs
This group is for exercise, heath and fitness - in all its varous forms, and for finding workout partners or organizing exercise events. To post to this group simply send a message to:

PB Makers and Creators
This group is for the artists and creators in Pacific Beach and nearby neighborhoods. It can be used planning art related events ans will as discussion of arts, crafts, inventions and DIY projects. To post to this group simply send a message to

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