TONIGHT Reggae Night at Open Bar #music #drinks


Quick reminder that this is Reggae night at the Open Bar and I am going to check it out.   There is a small meetup group going called "PB Semi-Professionals" I am going to try to hook up with.  They are started at 6:30 pm - just 5 minutes from now but plan to stay for several hours. I will be headed down there in about an hour at 7:30 pm or so if anyone cares to join me.  Here is the meetup link:

Also, this is more business than social but there is a group for remote workers that is somewhat similar to my self-employed group.  They meet in different parts of town to help remote workers meet get together but the last few times have been in Pacific Beach.  Tomorrow they will be at Second Nature Cafe on Cass Street from 1 pm till 4 pm for anyone who works out of their home and wants to get out and meet people.  I will likely be there at 1:30 pm or so.

Aren't I being quite the social butterfly lately!

Hope everyone's week is off to a good start.